Hi!  I’m Susanna Hodge and I’m happy you’re here.

I was raised in a large family (only girl of 7 children!) by a mother who provided 3 meals a day out of her kitchen. By growing up with a hard-working dad and a homespun mom, I learned the true value of a shared meal around the table, no matter the actual cost.

While my siblings are now scattered across a few different states and 2 separate continents, we continue to be a tight-knit family! A primary reason for our continued care for one another is that growing up we ate most dinner meals together sitting at the kitchen table.

Mom had a short list of practical meals that would feed the masses on a budget, while somehow miraculously appealing to the bulk of our taste buds at the same time! These meals provided much more than just nutritional sustenance, however. In spending the hours she did in the kitchen, my mom was developing the recipe for a wonderful childhood and a loving home.

The best part of our family meals was that they were never exclusive. Between hosting foreign exchange students from Finland, Spain and Korea, local college kids needing a home-cooked meal, missionaries who were state-side on furlough and friends from my parents’ Navy days, our conversation remained varied and interesting!

I left home to attend UCSD where I studied Writing and Literature and Spanish. My junior year I headed off to Barcelona, in part to study Spanish Literature, but really to be near my oldest brother and his family and to experience a new culture. There, I benefited by learning a different style (and later calling hours) of hospitality.

Fast-forward a few years and bends along the road later, I moved on to marry my kindergarten crush.

After ten years of marriage and now having added 5 children to the mix, I find myself “Leading Lady of Hospitality” at The Hodge Lodge. It is a home filled with a veritable hodgepodge of activity.  With the benefits of Pinterest, a few children with food allergies, and my own lessons learned along the way, my home is the now the next generation being opened up to a variety of events, people, and experiences.

I want to share with you the practical, delicious and sometimes elegant tips and tricks I’ve picked on my journey.